Advanced Magic Questions

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 15:18:46 +0200

Hi all!

        First, questions about rituals. The Ritual Bonus Table is used to determine the bonus from the ritual, not the bonus to the target number of the ability used to perform the ritual, isn't it? A living person counts as an unique item? Since coats of chain, swords and other weapons are quite expensive, how come the only give one bonus point each in the Arming of Orlanth example?

        Then, questions about misapplied worship. Are Lunar sorcerers and Heortling spirit-talkers (for example) practicing misapplied worship? Do they still have a relationship with their culture's main religion (i.e., Worships [Celestial or Storm] Pantheon) or would they have respectively Member of the (what? Carmanian?) Church and Kolati (Storm?) Tradition? After all they grew up in a theistic society and so approach their respective kind of magic with the wrong mindset.

        (Partially OT here) Are misapplied worshippers (mostly, usually) aware of the "true" reason why their magic is less powerful or do they devise cleverer explanations. The fact that Hero plane travelling provides positive information on myths' reality (to anyone strange enough to ask) seems to prove that Gloranthan have a way to determine what they do really worship, but the Seshnegi order that worships St. Dormal certainly concocted a nifty explanation for their difficulties in getting magic from their patron saint.

        Many thanks in advance for the answers and for letting me indulge in a little misapplied misunderstanding. I have just bought the boxed set and so I have just discovered these rules.


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