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Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 08:11:40 -0700

Jane asked

> So to start with, what ability ratings should I be giving them? The ratings
> given for the medium "series" (horrible word! this may be a story but it
> isn't low-class TV) seem a bit high. I'd considered leaving the Culture
> (Heortling) at 13, but lowering Occupation and Magic. And, of course,
> lowering those 5W and 1W starting "best" skills. Any thoughts?

Playtesting had lower abilities at 12, better ones at 14. It's reasonable to have some abilities higher, but I think they should definitely earn their first mastery.

> Spirit magic: how do I represent this in HW?

I've said it before: I don't think you should translate. Convert the characters, not each ability. If they are initiates, they'll have a magical keyword, which is plenty!

> The male PCs are new initiates of Orlanth. Which aspect? By
> occupation, they're just normal farmers, crafters, fishers, that sort of
> thing. Sure, one of them would like to be a full-time warrior, and one
> would like to be a priest, but they're a long way from it at the moment.
> So OA, OT and so on don't seem right. I can't find a "worshippers"
> section for an Aspect that says "normal males", other than Orlanth the
> great God.

I think Thunderous is the default, since it's the fertility aspect.


> What's happened to vampires?

I believe they were cut in part for space, since they seemed to need a lot of rules. A feat-based approach might be simpler -- the important thing is how you use them for narrative purposes. Normally, feats don't drain abilities the way tap does, but sorcerous tapping isn't necessarily correct either...

BTW, I've never considered Delecti to be a vampire -- if he was, how could he have survived all that time with no humans?


> OK... so to keep my current Spirit Talker active, I could 'convert'
> her to a version of Asrelia (I think Trotsky has a version of that)
> but using the Misapplied worship rules, until the full version
> appears?

You could, but it depends on how well integrated she is into society. Kolatings are semi-accepted, as are Earth Witches. Some shamans might live even further on the fringes.

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