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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 11:35:01 EDT

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<< So what on earth *did* you roll for? Combat only, or did you apply  the same idea to that? "A bunch of trollkin attack you, but this is  nothing unusual, and you win." >>

This sort of thing is excatly what we have been advised to do using HW. (the determination of whether it is 'nothing unusual' is where the problem might lie.

If you try to visualise it as a story then this is perfectly acceptable for a band of Heroes: "bands of enlo attacked them, they were used to their feeble slings and their cowardice, and they always defeated them...eventually they faced Msitrss Gruugarumishamama - the most unpronouncable Uz Priestess in Dagori Inkarth!"

Keith N

Keith N

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