Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: Sir Ethilrist <stefan.drawert_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 19:42:06 +0200

hello to everybody!
i got my copy of the Hw-deluxe set some months ago and immediately subscribed to all the egroups concerning glorantha and the game, but did not have any time to really do any work with the rules. and by now i see that it'll be a *lot* of work, until i really understand them..:-( maybe some of the questions seem stupid to you, but i want to fully understand a game befor i play it, and boys, this is a though one (yes, i did play ARIA and C&S with less problems, know what i mean *grins*) so i hope maybe you can help me with some of the problems i encountered while reading through the books...,
even if this means, some of you will do this for the third or fourth time... (since there's a lot of discussion going on about various styles of gaming, like old-rq vs. new-hw, etc.., i would like to say (so that there's no misunderstanding), that i like the more abstract way hw handles actions of all kind and i understand that hw is not rq, and i won't make it rq again with house rules...)
because there are a lot of questions, i organized them into 3 different mails, each concerning different problems.

B.) theistic magic

1.)-since there's no (rule) limitation of how often someone can use magic a day, how can one imagine the common people, farmer and herders of the clan, and their workings of magic? are they doing magics all day? in rq, a character normally would not waste a point of divine magic for a brawl, maybe not even some magic points, but in hw there seem to be no limitation (but the GM's)....
 btw, any suggestions about a rule of thumb for duration and range of feats? (like:"if you want to do a swordhelp lasting 2 weeks, you got to make an affinity roll at d+40" ???)

2.)- page 183: initiates can use affinities with an improvisational modifier. do they improvise the (written) feats of the given affinity, or can they also create completely different effects, which are compatible with it (like:" i'm using the affinity Merchant to do bargain, of course with an improvisational modifier of (x)..." ???)

3.)- since all feats eventually result in giving the character APs (for extended contests at least), what will be the difference between, say, swordhelp, great blow and visage of fear. especially if a humakti used the latter ones both for augment his close combat. (like:"you entere combat with a face like death himself, plus 3 AP that is, and swing for a great and mighty blow, again plus 3 AP" or more like:"you are going to fight him/her, do your look of death, giving you 3 AP (note: if augmentation for 3 AP was successful, of course...), and if your opponent does not make a roll against his cool (or whatever) ability, he's going o loose (x) AP (before or during an extended contest?)" ???)

i would be very grateful, if somebody would like to shed his/her light on me....

>>>The scene was all changed like the change in his face...<<<

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