Re: Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 11:13:50 -0700

You might want to wander over to Glorantha,com and take a look at the FAQ and Errata (

> B.) theistic magic
> 1.)-since there's no (rule) limitation of how often someone can use magic
> day, how can one imagine the common people, farmer and herders of the
> and their workings of magic? are they doing magics all day? in rq, a
> character normally would not waste a point of divine magic for a brawl,
> maybe not even some magic points, but in hw there seem to be no limitation
> (but the GM's)....

They are probably doing "low-level" magic all day long - think of kissing a lucky rabbit's foot, mutering a short prayer or crossing yourself, etc.

> btw, any suggestions about a rule of thumb for duration and range of
> (like:"if you want to do a swordhelp lasting 2 weeks, you got to make an
> affinity roll at d+40" ???)

Usually for the duration of the contest (assuming a fight or something similar). Check out HW 230-232 for extending magic beyond normal limits.

> 2.)- page 183: initiates can use affinities with an improvisational
> modifier. do they improvise the (written) feats of the given affinity, or
> can they also create completely different effects, which are compatible
> it (like:" i'm using the affinity Merchant to do bargain, of course with
> improvisational modifier of (x)..." ???)

They can make up new ones (as can devotees). Think of the affinity as the "main skill" and the feats as suggested implementations of it.

> 3.)- since all feats eventually result in giving the character APs (for
> extended contests at least), what will be the difference between, say,
> swordhelp, great blow and visage of fear. especially if a humakti used
> latter ones both for augment his close combat. (like:"you entere combat
> a face like death himself, plus 3 AP that is, and swing for a great and
> mighty blow, again plus 3 AP" or more like:"you are going to fight
> do your look of death, giving you 3 AP (note: if augmentation for 3 AP was

> successful, of course...), and if your opponent does not make a roll
> his cool (or whatever) ability, he's going o loose (x) AP (before or
> an extended contest?)" ???)

You normally use a feat to augment your skill. The difference is in the description, and sometimes in the defense - I might allow "fearless" to defend against "face of death", but not against "mighty blow". Also, play around with different augmentations. An augmentation can give AP, give a bonus to ability ratings, or give an edge. AP represents staying power and advantage, Ability bonus makes it easier to hit, and an Edge makes a hit more effective ("adds damage", basically).

You can, of course, use a feat "stand-alone" without modifying a mundane skill. In that case you would bid AP and roll against the Feat's rating as normal.


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