Re: Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: Sir Ethilrist <stefan.drawert_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:24:31 +0200

wulf corbett:
> Where was A?

I did put it into three different mails, because otherwise it would have been a bit long.

    From the look of your example, you're not quite getting
> it. Try this:


seems to be a misunderstanding. judging from your example, I'd have done it the same way. but what I tried to say is, when I enter a melee, enhance my CC with, let's say Great Blow, it'd be solved like you wrote. but when in addition I augment with Face Of Death before entering the same melee, what would the *rules* result of looking frighting? Since my foe cannot melee against CC plus Greatsword with Mantain Cool, he should use his CC or corresponding skill, too. I still get the +X edge for Face of Death..., but I feel like there should be more than a simple bonus, something reflecting my opponents fear (or not), so I came up with the "fear"-test in my example, which was not well-thought, nor well-worded...

thanks anyway,

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