Re: shields

From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 22:39:24 +0200

Wulf :

> >I don't think that ^1 for a shield is too low, but a specific rule for shields
> >might
> >be appropriate.
> >
> >How about :
> >
> >Small shield : ^-1 when attacking, ^1 when defending
> >Large shield : ^-2 when attacking, ^2 when defending
> >
> >Superior shields : ^+1
> >
> >I don't think that this would be too complicated a fix, would it ?
> Not too complex, but I don't think it works, unfortunately... Firstly,
> shields only hamper attacks if the technique used is wrong for the
> shield.

That wasn't quite my rationale ; I wanted to suggest that using a shield in combat is (dramatically) a more defensive technique than others.

> If you learn 'Sword & Shield Combat', the shield shouldn't
> make your skill worse, your skill is based on having the shield.

Unless I'm mistaken, the HeroWars mechanics are such that my suggested change wouldn't actually decrease a shield fighter's chances in extended combat, but it would affect betting strategies somewhat. In a good way or a bad way ? Haven't the foggiest ...

> Secondly, I still think shields are far more useful than that. A good
> shield user can basically just put his shield in the way and keep a
> poor attacker at bay, in a way he could not do without the shield

This is what my rule was hoping to suggest, actually ...

But a defensive value beyond ^3 (for a superior large shield) should only be attainable using magic IMO. The equipment values for armour in HW do actually make sense, even though I'm not happy with the values for weapons in HW.

> Shield use: Bonus +3 to defence (+5 for a Roman-type big shield), Edge
> ^5 if hit

These values are too high IMO ; to reprise what you said, in 'Sword & Shield Combat', your skill is based on having the shield, and the item itself shouldn't therefore give you a huge up-front bonus.

Julian Lord

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