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From: Jonas Schiött <jonas.schiott_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 00:58:19 +0200

Jane Williams:

>> >> These 13s and 12s weren't generated using Hero Wars, right?
>> >
>> >Yes. 13 from Culture, 12 from Orlanth initiate.
>> Huh? You get 17 in your magic keyword skills.
>Only if you're running a "medium level" campaign.

Which is the only thing Hero Wars provides numbers for... If you want my suggestions for a low-power campaign, I would not lower anything by more than 4 points, and cultural skills not at all. Ergo, one ability at 1w, two at 17 and everything else at 13. Except... I do have one idea about using an old set of scenarios for fast-forwarding a group of characters through the first few years of adulthood. In this case, I would start everything off at exactly 13, with only keyword abilities plus one or two hobby skills, and then give hefty one-off improvements between episodes to bring them up to standard medium-power levels by the time the mini-series had run its course. By which time I would also expect the players to have completed their 100-word narratives.

>What on earth do you mean by "balancing", anyway? Cutting down the
>stats of all published NPCs (and half the rules) to fit the halved
>stats of your PCs, or something?

Nothing of the sort. What I meant was that you seemed to be asking about the balance of one ability against another, within your character concept. And since you had dreamed those numbers up yourself, well...

Jonas Schiött

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