Re: Re: Cooperative spellcasting.

From: Robert McArthur <mcarthur_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 10:49:45 +1000

> He'd have a higher one if the 100 members of the Fryd had given Total
> support (worshipped) (+8) and then the godi augmented with their
> powers (Assuming a 1w in THIER Rain or relevant affinities -- which
> can easily give a +2 each) for +16 -- and this is without bringing in
> short term feats. Total: 9w3 (I think)
> With a 9w3, one can start doing some VERY nasty things with Hail...

Like what? What would be different if it were 1w3, or 20w2, or 12w3 etc? In your Glorantha of course...


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