Re: Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 09:02:05 -0000

> >3.)- since all feats eventually result in giving the character APs
> eh? feats do NOT give the caster AP. They give edge or bonuses to
> abilities, they lend AP to others, or they are used directly to
> oppose/attack.

As I understand it, If you augment an ability (whether through magic or a mundane ability) before the start of a contest, it will effectively give you AP's, because you calculate your AP's from your starting skill level. I don't believe AP's are increased if you subsequently boost your skill during a contest by means of an unrelated action any more than they are if you change abilities.

> "you walk forward, using your Face of Death Feat to augment your
> Intimidate ability. With a +3 Bonus, the Intimidate 13 becomes 16.
> You bid 5 AP from the 13 AP your Intimidate gives you. Your opponent

So this would be 16 in this case...

> attempts to resist with his Maintain Cool 15, you both succeed, but
> you roll lower, and he loses 5 AP to a new level of 10 AP, but
> maintains his Maintain Cool 15 ability."

But otherwise everything you say is true...

> All magic just augments in an extended
> contest, either adding a bonus or an edge to an ability (or another
> affinity), or lending AP to someone else, or being used as the
> active skill.

I think I would replace "just" with "Can" there, not least because I don't think "being used as the active skill" really counts as a augmentation...

> The way to make it different is all in the description.

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