Re: Re: Clarifying Augmentation

From: philip.hibbs_at_...
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 14:29:56 +0100

Tim Ellis:
>One thing I know has been discussed here before is that once
>you fail an augmentation on an affinity you can't use that
>affinity any more in that contest

I think you meant to say "an augmentation WITH an affinity" above. If so, it depends on how badly you failed. A regular failure just gives the reverse augmentation on the target ability, and a complete defeat could be interpreted by the referee as a temporary penalty or loss of the augmenting ability.

What do folks think about augmenting a feat with another feat from the same affinity? It seems a bit suspect to me, especially as devotees can keep on making up new feats until the cows come home.

Likewise, using more than one feat from a single affinity to augment the same ability should, IMO, be frowned upon, if indeed it isn't prohibited by the rules (I don't have them with me).

This could, however, lead to awkward problems: I buy a single feat from another cult, then buy another, they are separate - I can use them both to augment with. I then buy the entire affinity, and find that both feats are aspects of a broader ability - and now I can't use them both. I could continue to use them both, I suppose, so long as I raised them separately from each other as different abilities, I suppose. The main reason for prohibiting multiple augments from a single ability is, after all, game balance, and this answers that problem.

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