Re: Re: Greg's Deflation

From: philip.hibbs_at_...
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 18:21:18 +0100

>Unless, of course, you've found a bit of rules I've
>missed, that says something else. So what is this
>"original" that's been deflated?

I could be misunderstanding this thread, but this may possibly stem from the fact that in Robin's '98 draft, target numbers were the other way round, and the default highest starting ability level was, IIRC, 2/18, meaning "TN:2 AP:18", the equivalent of 18 in the current terminology. This is lower than 5W, but the skill level still means the same thing. Character generation was just aimed at a lower level, the equivalent of a low powered game in the current rules.

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