RE: Re: Group Extended Contests, Missile Weapons and P positioning?

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:53:10 +0100

> > I think I will give this one a try as well as shooting into a melee
> seems to
> > be getting popular in our group.
> Hitting the wrong target is nearly as (Unpopular...
Well at the present there is no way to say if you do hit the wrong target. I considered what I used to be too easy so I was looking for a better mechanism. My other alternative was to make it compulsory to apply the multiple attackers rule to everyone in the melee. So when arrows go over everyone ducks!
i.e. Archer shoots into a fight with a hero friend and two foe. The archer is at -6 for three targets in total, he has to include his friend. As the archer is trying to miss his friend, his friend gets a bonus to his defence skill of say 1/5 the archers skill. As long as his friend dose not have the worst defensive result then he can split any AP loss amongst the foe as normal . Now everyone in the melee has to take a multiple attackers penalty including the good guy regardless of the result of the missile attack.

Alternatively you could even decide that the archer was backing up the hero as a follower to give him his whole AP.
Now you have three choices, pick the one that suits your tactics best. They all could work it just depends on the effect you want to have.

> I have two problems someone might want to comment on though:
> 1) If the enemy is winning, but has low AP (and so bids low), lending
> AP to your friends won't be as effective - it might be better
> attacking the enemy for a Multiple Attacker penalty. More AP will
> just prolong the contest (but might give some breathing space).
That's just tactics see above.

> 2) You can't wound the enemy with this rule. Well, you COULD, but it
> wound be an odd mechanism- "I lend my buddy 12 AP, but I convert 7 AP
> into a Wound on the bad guy"...

Under the circumstances I would not have a problem with that.
> 3) Very odd situation calculating offensive/defensive edges. Who's
> defensive edge do you use? The bad guy, or the guy you are lending to?
There are no edges in lending AP. And as you point out you have to lend at least 7 to have a chance to directly affect the enemy  


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