Subject: Re: Clarifying Theistic Magic

From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 14:06:41 -0000

> I think that Humakti don't have magic to "destroy" ghosts per se,
but to
> sever the link between a disembodied spirit and the mundane world.
(I'm not
> sure they have the same power over "daimones" ... still thinking on
> one). I think this fits with their mythic role and with your
> suggests the Humakti magic won't work on the same spirit in the
> world, or on sprits that are supposed to be their (dryads, wyters,
> regimental spirits) ...?
> Thom

Good point. But as someone brought up earlier the very wise point that Humakt has Lay Ghost. Which would have worked just *fine* in that situation. I don't think that Lay Ghost would work against a Daimonie as they are not dead. Its the *dead* part that gets up the big guy's nose, I think.

As to regimental spirits and wyter, I'd say you're perfectly right. They are spirits who are suppsoed to be here. All is right in the world with them... If that makes sense.

Good call.


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