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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 07:36:37 -0700

Richard asked

> Say my character has Knit Spaghetti Vests at 12w2 - how would I
> describe this score to the narrator if he asked?

12 double mastery.

Tim asked

> I have depleted my Ranged Combat AP's through loaning, but the
> combat is still ongoing. Could I continue to fire, but generating a
> new "pool" of points from my Ranged Combat feat? Presumably I would
> still need to somehow "reset" my AP's to start a new contest? (I
> move position to get a clearer shot on the foe, or I go back to the
> mule and fetch a second quiver of arrows, or some such)

It's the same contest, so you wouldn't get a new pool. (IMO going back to the mule is not leaving the contest and re-entering it, other narrators may vary.)

> 2a) or would you say that having leant all my AP's in this way I need
> to do do soemthing completly different now?

If you loan all your AP you are at 0 and unable to act further in this contest. People generally don't loan all their AP for this reason, unless the situation warrants it (e.g. an issue at the clan moot where they stand up and say their piece in support of the lawspeaker they're loaning AP to, then sit down).

Stefan added

> I think that you cannot loan APs for the same contest twice

I think that you can -- but not the same AP (i.e. if you have 12 and loan 6, you can loan another 6 later). The AP loan is just one round's action.

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