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From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:01:16 +0200

Phil Hibbs :

> > >Most [shepherds] tend to be boys -- hence the concern with
> > >Voriof. Young girls tend to the fowl and such, though again,
> > >Heortlings are not entirely rigidly defined.
> >
> > Birds, of course, being creatures of Yelm - and Ernalda did come to
> > Orlanth from from Yelm's court, after all, so this makes sense.

It does makes sense, but that's the wrong justification I'm afraid.

Ernalda never came from Yelm's Court, guys : BIG change from RuneQuest Glorantha to the Hero Wars version.

(See any of the more recent Ernalda mythology from Greg ... )

The Emperor of Orlanthi mythology and Yelm, while they are ultimately and from an abstract GL POV the same god, are actually two different characters as concerns 17th century Glorantha.

Ernalda has no Yelmic attributes at all ; the Emperor of Orlanthi mythology is an abstract Tyrant figure, not the Sun. Elmal is the Sun god, and always has been.

Roderick :

> Just talked with Greg on this - Domesticated animals were part of the Earth
> Family, but the Heortlings recognize the following Fathers (the Earth
> family might or might not agree...) :
> Horse: Hyalor
> Bull: Urox
> Ram: Heler
> Boar: Mralot ( yes, a spirit)
> Goat: Ragnaglar

I think that Greg's being a little bit too broad but he is, of course, broadly correct ... ;-)

IMO *most* domesticated animals are part of the Earth Family ; but there are (or should be) some particular cases. For instance, Nevala is actually a daughter of Tholaina AFAIK, captured from the tribe of the Sea Animals by Vadrus, and taken into the *Air* family (not the Earth one) as a 'servant' of Orlanth.

Julian Lord

PS I'm glad to see some more Ragnaglar stuff getting into the game ... ;-)

PPS I've obviously fumbled my 'Move speculation about Glorantha to the Glorantha Digest' roll !

Oh well : this thread is currently playing in two different venues ... ;-)

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