Re: Abuse of character generation rules ?

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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 07:49:08 -0700

Harry wrote

> I'm only posting this as the most impressive abuse of the character
> generation rules by a beginner that I have seen so far...
> > "Farsook the Unclean owns a disintegrator ray and a cloak of
> > invulnerability. Using his psychic powers he can teleport and
> > move through time at will. After losing a bet, Stormbull agreed
> > to restore Farsook to life should he die."

Disintegrator Ray 13
Cloak of Invulnerability 13
Teleport 13 (this is still a D feat, see p.173) Travel through Time 13 (this is still a D feat, in Glorantha it's probably D+100)
Return to Life 13

Not that different in game terms from

Sunspear feat 13
Shield of Arran feat 13

except that as items, the narrator is justified in takign them away from time to time (since they're part of the 100 words, the player should always have a reasonable opportunity of regaining them). Also, there's not much room for improvisation here -- the disintegrator ray can only disintegrate things, not set them on fire like a Fire affinity.

And the disintegrator ray only disintegrates if you get a significant victory -- in an extended contest, most of the time it slightly weakens molecular bonds as it reduces a few AP from the opponent.

I don't think this really bends the rules at all; what it bends for me is Glorantha.

(And it's 13, not 17 as Philip suggests, because none of them relate to a keyword. This is clearly a beginner because of the lack of keywords, which are a handy way to get a bunch of useful abilities in just a few words.)

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