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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 05:14:34 -0000

Some sort of shrine that you can visit on occasion and perform sacrifice at. But as long as you do spend some of your time doing things that please the hero/spirit of the subcult, you should be okay.

As long as they are in the same tribe, I think its fine.

> > cult? Do you need a temple within a day's reach? A week?
> > Does the requirement differ for Initiates
> > and Devotees (Devotees must attend temple every day)? Currently,
> > we're saying you need a shrine/temple available about weekly for
> > Initiate, daily for a Devotee, but subcults, hero cults, etc. are
> > covered by the 'main' deities' shrines. This, of course, limits

A bit too mechanistic for my tastes. A devotee should not be measured
by his temple attentance but by his devotion - hence the name. Thought. Word. Deed. Service.

> > available cults, as we're limiting the numbers of different
> > in our clan to about the number that could exist in KoDP. So
> no Humakti currently, and are unlikely to get any without a shrine.

That's probably wise, though I feel that KODP is a bit liberal with shrines for game purpose (remember, in 'real' Glornatha, you can go to
the neighbors Hedkoranth shrine to pay your respects...

...or the Uleria Temple down in Apple Lane.  

> YGMV, but in our campaign we're viewing temples and shrines more as
> social constructs than prerequisites for remaining in a cult.

Probably, though in many cases, shrines and temples are just polite fictions -- any hilltop is sacred to Orlanth and surviving shrines to him are few and far between. And, if there's a shrine to whomever somewhere in your *Tribe* then you're probably okay.  

> I personally feel that _requiring_ temple attendance as a
> prerequisite is too limiting, esp. with regard to devotees; a
> of Urox is more likely to be Out There smashing up chaos rather
> hanging around nervously within a day's march of the nearest

I agree in that attendance is not the end all and be-all. Thought. Word. Deed.  

> Having said that, any self-respecting cultist would _want_ to
> his or her temple/shrine as often as possible, but would happily
> perform private little "rituals" during their everyday lives; hence

That is one way to rack up that 60%...

> the proliferation of wee Ernalda figurines by the fieldsides,
> of stones for Voriof in the high pastures, etc, I imagine dotting

That imagry is quite good. Reminds me of Japan somehow. =) Or Ireland.

> landscape of Sartar. The occupation of priest is the only one I
> could imagine _requiring_ regular attendance to perform temple
> services.

God Talker too.  

> Of course, I'm always open to persuasion... <grin>
> Best regards,
> Sarah

Good luck with it. I think you've got a good handle on matters as they stand.

Hope this helps,


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