Re: Illusions, Pavis, and Archery

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:56:29 -0000

My immediate thought was that a single 'casting' of illusion magic ought to cover more than one sense, if it's good enough. Possibly the affinity, rather than having separate feats, could have modifiers according to how many senses it's intended to affect. You could then develop a new feat for a specific, favoured, illusion. Modifiers should also be imposed for size and complexity of illusion, especially movement or articulate sound. Resistance should be modified according to the sense used - Uz darksense would count as both sound & touch, so a vision/sound illusion would not be as convincing.

Illusion: (For each sense greater than 1 affected, apply a -3 modifier to the affinity. Also, apply the Multiple Opponents modifier to resistance for any large or complex illusion, according to it's approximate size/complexity. An disbelief resistance can be used at any time the Narrator feels suitable, and should be raised when resisting an illusion which does not affect the sense used to detect the illusion. If this fails, the illusion is treated as real by the victim (even if disbelieved, the illusion is still clear except on a total victory in resisting). Damage caused by illusions can never kill, although in extreme cases it might cause coma. All damage can be healed by convincing the victim the wounds are illusary.)

That's pretty complex, but probably covers everything. Only thing missing is the effects of levels of victory in disbelief.


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