Re: Zorak Zoran Draft Write-up

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_...>
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 23:26:00 +1300

Sarah Newton:

>Looking through the rather sparse HW stuff on ZZ, I'm
>unsure as to whether to treat him as theistic or animist...

Generally speaking, trolls are animist and their gods are spirits or demons. There are theistic cults to their gods but nothing has been stated about their relationship with the general troll population. Personally I believe that such theistic cults are found in most "civilized" troll lands, including Dagori Inkarth.

Wild trolls would generally be animists but those that live in cities and complexes would be theistic.

>The Cult of Zorak Zoran

>Mental Skills : Wrest ?Salamander? from Amanstan*, Mythology of Uz,
>Mythology of Zorak Zoran

I don't think wrest salamander should be a mental skill. It is a magical feat of Zorak Zoran.

>Darkness (Shadowstalk, Create Zombie/Skeleton/Ghost, Fear, Command
>Shade, Command Ghost)
>Death (Battle Rage, Crush, Blood Vengeance, Seal Wound)
>Disorder (Destroy Order, Ignore Distractions, Blood Frenzy)

I don't think he would have GL rune names. Perhaps:

Lead Death's Legions (Induct Corpse, Induct Spirit, Summon Shade, Command Death's Legionnaire, Rally Troops) Hate (Beserk, Howl of Fear, Maul Elf, Vanquish Dwarf, Smite Chaos) Vengeance (Crush, Open Wounds, Bludgeon Soul, Mark for Retribution, Remember Ancient Wrongs)

>Secret : Death Rage

The real secret behind Zorak Zoran is that he knows how to use Death/Fire. Thus I would expect his secret to be something like a fire affinity. You might call it Amanstan's Fire or something like that.

--Peter Metcalfe

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