>Subject: Re: Re: The Noble Art of Running Away

From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 11:35:59 +0100

> From: Benedict Adamson <badamson_at_...>
>> "Weihe, David" wrote:
>> Instead of taking the last few AP to run away, which gives the
>> opponent the chance to follow until you run out of APs, try this.
>> "I am King John of France, and my ransom is 200,000 livres."
>I thought that was the sort of thing a marginal defeat indicated:
>loss of the will to win.

I could. It doesn't have to. NPCs can still surrender earlier if clearly outmatched and unable to run. (In fact such a surrender would likely to be to their advantage in terms of agreeing a reduced ransom).


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