Re: mythical landscape and critters.

From: GypsyComet_at_...
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 13:35:21 EDT

"Guy Hoyle" <ghoyle1_at_...> says:

>Similarly, the presence of Chalana Arroy and Lhankor My always seemed
>rather "advanced" for the Orlanthi; LM's "evolution" into a tribal
>lawspeaker type makes more sense to me now. The Glorantha mythscape owes
>much to RW myths, but only on a broad scale.

 Lhankor Mhy and Chalana Arroy ARE "advanced," but this is readily explained by the impression that they are originally foriegners who were adopted by way of the Lightbringers Myth. The Healers weathered the adoption with no real changes, since many of CA's behavioral strictures affect the way a Healer interacts with others. The Sages changed, though, since "learn everything" is not a strict guide on how to deal with others, meaning that the Sages are a different bunch from, say, the cities of Nochet or Pavis compared to the Orlanthi steads north of Dragon Pass.


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