Re: Magic Fumbles

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 12:32:24 -0000

> It would depend greatly on what
> he was doing, and how much I, as Narrator, needed him later...

That's a good answer! I think any of Stephen's suggestions are plausible - In the Original Convulsions 4 Play tests, you lost the use of the Feat IIRC, but that may have been because there were no other rules in place rather than the desired final outcome...

Certainly if you (or the player - subject to GM approval) can come up with a suitable "spell Fumble" I'd be happy to go with it, - these sorts of situations can often lead you in "interesting" directions as you try and deal with the conequences - bear in mind the powers and limitations of the gods (or spirits if it's an animist who fumbles) involved - A Humakti who fumbles a Death feat shouldn't end up healing his opponent instead!

Loosing or reducing the use of the Feat and/or affinity can be a handy "I don't have time to think up a fumble" default, and can also be treated in a number of ways - It could be "time limited" to the encounter, the session or the adventure, or you could require either the expenditure of a HP to "reset" the score, or that the player perform some act of dedication/devotion/performs a ritual/HQ to regain the lost power - Just roll a dice behind your screen and tell the players you've looked it up on the Spell Fumble table - (They'll never notice there isn't one as there isn't an index!)

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