Re: Truesword Strike

From: pgrawe_at_...
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 03:46:25 -0000

> O.K., so you have incarnated the Death Rune. But like
Vinga's "Mile
> Spear Throw," and other combat feats I still need to know: does
> mortal/physical skill matter or is it the magical/divine feat that
> matters?

I was thinking of handling it this way:
- Roll a simple contest between Truesword Strike and whatever the other is defending with (be it Magical defense or Close Combat or Run very fast, any can be applicable).
- I'm tossing up a few options:- On a Victory, the truesword hits and the opponent is dead or On a Critical, the truesword hits and the other is dead or On a Complete Defeat, the truesword hits and the other is dead.
- Keep in mind it's a strike, so it's one hit only.

Either way, it means that once you get to W2, successes and failures are bumped to criticals and it becomes a scary thing to face.

> But how do you do the mechanics: I am wielding the Truesword _at_ W2,
> but the devout prayers of a Chalana Arroy priestess stay me (she
> 5W3).
> However if I try to bisect the poor lass with cold, godless steel
> what does she have to resist me -- 17 "Run for Cover"?

I'd allow her Devotion to Chalana Arroy as a defence against the Truesword. That would make for a classic scene, worth describing in detail.

Roll a simple contest Truesword 10W2 vs Devotion to Chalana Arroy 5W3. If she makes it, Life triumphed over Death, if he wins, it's Death over Life.

If she succeeds, he's still got a sword (which is a seperate contest, not covered by the simple contest).

Alternatively, she fails her bravery roll and is too scared to stand fast against you, she can only resist with Run for Cover, in which case she's in trouble.

That's just my take on it, I'm keen to hear what other people think


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