More spiritual musings

From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 17:36:40 +0000

> From: "Wulf Corbett" <wulfc_at_...>

Lots of good questions.

>As there seems to be a lull in events, I thought I'd make another
>foray into Animism, and seek advice from the masses.
>Has anyone else tried actually wandering in the Spirit World? When we
>did a quick foray there, I was worried about quite a few things. We
>sorted them out to our own satisfaction, but here are a couple to
>consider, possibly for my education, possibly for yours...

Not yet. I'd note that the situation might be quite fluid depending on which part of Malia's domain you're in.

>1) Are a Shaman's bound spirits affected by the same area modifiers
>as the Shaman? For instance, the -20 Dangerous modifier for being in
>Malia's bit of the Spirit World? We said no for Earth (Serdrosan) or
>Fire (Firshalla) spirits, but yes for a Healing Spirit. This means
>Shamans have an easier time in Dangerous areas (so long as they don't
>rely on Integrated spirits).

Seems sensible. A specialized healing spirit devoted to fightng Malia such as "Face Malia" might escape the penalty too ...

>2) Movement in the Spirit World is by Spirit World Travel. What if
>you have a higher movement ability, say a bound spirit? We augmented
>SWT with the spirit.

Definitely. You could augment it with passions, willpower and lots of other things too (with improv. penalties).

>3) Are ALL a Shaman's abilities affected by the Dangerous modifier?
>How about Tough, to allow a Final Action? How about Shamanic Escape?
>We said the lot.

I think, that I'd impose the penalty only on interaction with the spirit world. Tough seems to me an "inner" contest and probably exempt. Similarly, some knowledge skills might also be exempt.

>4) How do elemental spirits (like Earth Spirits, Fire Spirits, etc.)
>work in the Spirit World? Is there Earth for an Earth Spirit to
>inhabit? Or does it just 'become' a patch of earth, and perform as
>advertised anyway?

It might be a ripple in the shadowy spirit ground that surrounds the Shaman.


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