Re: Subject: Re: Quest Challenges

From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 11:13:17 +0000

> From: "Roderick and Ellen Robertson" <rjremr_at_...>
>Not all quests give specific abilities to the quester.
>You have to win the quest challenge vrs Hervald's 15w3 to gain the helmet.
>In this particular quest you are not getting an ability, but a magical
>artifact. Just by putting it on, you can use any of your sight-based
>abilities to see through mist, smoke etc. But as David D likes to point out,
>you can raise the "ability" in an item and possibly learn more things about
>it (can you see invisible objects while wearing Hervalds Helm? possibly,
>maybe with a -15 penalty, which means that putting HP into "Hervald's Helm"
>will allow you to discover that you can do so). Like any starting ability,
>I'd give a 12 in Hervald's Helm to use it for things *other* than seeing
>through smoke. Seeing through mist and smoke does not require any sort of
>roll, it just happens.

Thanks for the clarification.

>A similar quest is the Goldeneye quest of the grazers, which allows a Grazer
>to bond with his horse - your *horse* gets the abilty (Rider Bond), not you,
>and if your horse is killed, you lose any benefits of it.

Better than the helm, though, which you lose after five years in any case.


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