Affinities and Feats - specifics

From: Erik <epweissengruber_at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 19:32:02 -0000

>> >Orlanth Adventurous has three "types" of magic - Wind, Movement and Combat.

Fine, but the Wind of OA is not the same "Wind" as Vinga, or Orlanth Thunderous, or Orlanth Rex.

The feats do provide wonderful guidelines about what aspect of Wind a player knows best.

Lets assume a PC was an initiate of 1 aspect, perhaps learned a Wind feat from a hero cult, assimilated a Wind spirit from a Kolat shaman, and finally became a devotee of Orlanth Thunderous.

The variety of specific feats indicates extended experience with the god in his many forms.

Some weasly initiate who shows up every Windday during Sacred Time, but spends the rest of the year running a farm is not going to have the same depth of involvement with the god. The specifics of the feats indicate a breadth and depth of experience, not the bare Affinity "Wind"

I dont want to give the PC's the idea that every worshiper is a superheroic incarnation of the affinity/God. They have to WORK to get to that point.

And why are we shelling out dough for culture books, if not for the "special feats" that they promise. ;--)

> >Think of what those magics can do individually and together. What
sorts of
> >things can "Wind" do?
> Ruin your social life?
> >What types of "Movement" are there?
> I refuse to comment...
> Wulf

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