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From: Thom Baguley <t.s.baguley_at_...>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 12:38:04 +0000

> From: Markus Battarbee <battery_at_...>
>HW p178: Feats:
>[Feats] are always specialized actions.
>I'd say using Fireblade both as an weapon-enchanting feat
>and a direct fire-attack feat contradicts with that statement. If a
>devotee can always use feats, he won't ever need improvisation modifiers!
>"Um, well, I'll use my 'mile javelin throw' feat to propel my words
>far away. Thus I can shout loud enough for them to hear me."

Feats should always be interpreted within affinities. A combat feat should be used for a combat related thing. I might possibly, maybe allow "I scream forth a javelin of sound at my enemy" with a hefty improv penalty.

>Or do we want people heating a stone to use as a stove with Fireblade?
>How about using Fireblade on a stick and saying it's a magical torch?

Again probably a combat feat. If so, I'd happily allow side-effects such as heat and light, but they won't be very useful. The heat will dissipate quickly, food would be burned, light will be flickering and less useful than, say a torch.

>As far as I understood, initiates must always improvise magical
>actions from their affinities. However, devotees still have this
>power as well... Why use Fireblade for a gout of targeted fire, when
>the name implies something else? The devotee can still improvise
>a gout of flame from his Fire affinity, right?

Yes, if he has a fire affinity.

>Further evidence: Why does Vangath have the "avoid lightning" feat,
>if the same effect could be acheived with the "aerial maneuvering" feat?
>I suppose that could well replace "fly fast", too... Hell, how about
>just using a generic "fly" feat, that can be used with all flying effects?
>Of course, Orlanth Adventurous devotees could use the "Lift Objects with
>Wind" -feat to acheive everything Vangath devotees can, lifting themselves.
>Right? Hmm?

There would be subtle and not so subtle differences. Lifting yourself (in my opinion) is fine for a temporary flight, but you'd have to keep using the feat each round to duplicate true flight.


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