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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 23:00:28 -0000

If you check the rules for 'divine sacrifice' it allows you, the player, to sacrifice permanent abilities and that you gain a temporary +2... However, I am reluctant to allow a 'just throw money at it' solution for cheap bonuses for rituals and heroquests.

There's got to be some cost.  

> various lists. It might solve some problems, but it also creates new
> ones. E.g. I can't see a 'generic' ritual being devoted to a
> usage in the quest, they would have to be tailored to fit the
> stations. As Wulf says:

I suggest looking into the section on the Short Lightbringer's Quest in King of Sartar -- it has groups of folks specifically tied into the differnet stations and permforming rituals at that stage...  

> And that implies that the details of the quest are very well known.

Most heroquests are well known, at least withing the cult or community that sponsors them.

Going off alone is much more dangerous becuase there IS no possiblity of assistance -- though I think thta something like a ring of hair woven from all th emembers of the clan would be useful if you manage ot get into a situation where you use it.

I like to use symbolic items to represent support (I'd say talismans but that's used elsewhere as a technical term)... A bag of wind, a rope of hair, a gold torc.  

> In the one actual HQ run by my Narrator, we did the Arming first,
> directly into a shorter ritual representing the starting events of
> myth we were emulating. We only got the time, place and community
> modifiers once, but the Narrator was apparently generous with the

Yes. I only allow one ritual at the start. The other rituals are prayers directed towards a specific event. They only get the bonus for the COMMUNITY but not for any additional ritual.

> hard time imagining how parts of the effect could be channeled into
> different uses. I think that _would_ require separate rituals
> by separate groups. And in this particular case we were reenacting
> obscure myth that hadn't been used as a quest within living memory.

Most myths have a re-enactment and pagent beforehand or during the heroquest. That's when you get the extra push from the separate grups. Or you use an item given by that group for a specific purpose.

For what it is worth to you, it has worked very well in practice for the last six months.


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