Re: Wealth

From: Ian Thomson <arkat_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 00:19:59 -0000

On a vaguely related point, I need to devise HW rules mechanics for dealing with gambling

I suspect this is only one of several problems with the wealth system, which I'm not fond of at all

But in any case I'm very interested in working out the HW equivalent of:

I bet two clacks on the guy with the pointy hat I bet this bag of silvers on the fella with the smoke coming out of his nostrils


I wager my house, my horse, and my wife on the bloke with three arms and two heads

(all just illustrative examples of course of different levels of wagers)

The odds aren't important, its merely how you deal with this in HW

Possibly the first example is irrelevent, as being such small change that we won't bother, but the second example could matter if the odds were sufficiently high, and the third example would definitely alter the wealth rating

all considered opinions extremely welcome

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