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Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 16:39:58 -0000

> Yes. I'd add that support continues after the ceremony. So for a
> (middle world time) quest - the level of support might have to be
kep up

In the case of Heroquests, the support need not be extended (but I think that the people have to be there). Duration-wise, the heroquest takes place 'as a single scene.'

If they are going off to whack those Evil Black Oaks (tm) or going on a raid, the support must be extended to cover the travel time. This is why defending clans have a *slight* homefield advantage when being raided -- IF they hve time to prepare a champion.

That's why raiding and the like is preceeded by such ceremonies: to project OUR magic out from our tula into Enemy Ground.

> for days, months or years. My guess is that a kind of rota is used -
> all participants praying/sacricing at least daily. If people stop
then the
> benefits should diminish pro rata (another good reason to have
> supply specific bonuses).

This might work. But it does mention in a few places that heroquests can spend seasons preparing thier rituals to succeed.

I'm more inclined to say that the support has to be present when you cross the barrier and then start to enact the heroquest rather than added in. Who knows where they are in the HeroPlane when you get to them. Usually a small token of that support is given as a part of the ritual (I only allow one ritual to prep a group -- all the support groups participate -- armed but not expended as it were) such as a bag of wind with the breath of a warband or a rope braided from the hair of the women of the clan or pot of woad blessed by all the clan's goddi...

The token is used as appropriate for example, in the Westfairing, Orlanth summons his Vingkotlings to him this way. There are other examples of this in Harmast's Saga and in Morden Guards The Camp (to name a few)

Just a way of doing this that isn't too rules wanky and is somewhat more *story* intensive.


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