Re: Leaping over trees

From: James Turner <j.a.turner_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:57:34 -0000

This is probably one of those threads that is going to rear its head every few months due to hw 'fuzziness'. (IIRC it was leaping trees the last time also.)

> HW magic is simply cheapened and trivialised by being just another
> to do the same things.

I want magic to mean something, none of this "you jump 10 feet higher" business.
When HW first come out many people moaned about the power shift but in some peoples hw games the reverse is true when it comes to magic. In the RQ days when you were facing a humakti sword you knew he could do death magic. The guy could actually kill you with magic (sever spirit), all his combat magic actually made a real difference to his abilities (shield + truesword etc, etc).
Compared to:
Orlanthi 1: "Here comes that bugger Orloff. Beware of him for he has pledged devotion to Humakt and learnt his feats of striking true and destroying shields and weapons."
Orlanthi 2: "Hah, I have 2 seasons more combat experience than him. I can take him."

>- A mundane skill like run will never let you, say, breathe water.

No but 'hold breath' etc would effectively let you do the same thing. I can't think of many situations where only a magic feat would help.

James Turner

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