Illuminated Bat

From: Andrew Barton <AndrewBarton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 15:20:05 -0500

> "My friends were livid with rage but did nothing, for here they had no
but their own, which was little against the Bat."

> I thought that the anger was a sign of detection. I could have been

This sentence occurs a couple of paragraphs after the description of Oddi seeing the bat, and after the group have been following the bat and watching its activities for 'several hours'. The detection is by means of the Mark I Eyeball.

I remember reading a description of the Red Goddess' quest, from which she returned riding the Bat. I think it said that she illuminated it, which was how she got control of it, but I can't find the passage. Has there been anything in HW publications on the subject?

Come to that, do we have anything on the Sense Chaos ability yet?


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