Re: Strength of the Bull

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:22:23 -0000

> I really do not like this. Sometimes feat names are literal,
> they are just colourful names.

I agree, but whatever the Narrator determines a Feat means (whether tightly or loosely defined), that is it's meaning. Leap over Trees is about as precise as you can get, I can see no reason to doubt it means what it says. Sunset Leap is, of course, much less precise. Maybe it means Leap INTO Sunset, AT Sunset, TO Sunset, TOWARD Sunset, maybe ALL of them. But it's got something to do with Leaping, and Sunset. You can either pick one definition, or all of them. But using it to jump southward at midnight is definitely worth a heavy Improv Penalty.

> Part of the problem seems to be that magical effects are resisted
by a
> magical resistance, which trees don't normally have. I, and I
suspect a
> lot of others, use a house rule that allows mundane abilities to be
> where such are appropriate. Trees therefore should be allowed to
> 'Leap over trees' with their 'Tall' in such games. I certainly will
> that way.

Pretty pointless having the Leap Over Trees Feat in your campaign then, isn't it? Or just about any other movement Feat that can be attempted with mundane abilities.

> Basically, any ability with two or three masteries is at least
> magical to my mind.

But then are you saying that WITHOUT those masteries, it isn't, regardless of origin? That 'Mile Javelin Throw' is just '20-yard Javelin Throw' until the second mastery?


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