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From: Graham Robinson <gjr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 13:23:09 +0000 (GMT)

> From: "Santo Sengupta" <Santo_at_...>
>I am planning to run a fairly typical Orlanthi-Lunars-Dragon-Pass
>game, so any supplements that could be useful for that would be
>What I'm considering:
>King of Sartar

Useful for the odd myth - the most important (The Lightbringers Quest) being repeated in Gloranthan Visions anyway - and the report on the Colymar. Much of it is a bit dense and vague to be much practical use...

>The Entekosiad
>The Fortunate Succession
>The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm
>The Missing Lands

Not really much use for a Dragon Pass campaign. The summary of Lunar gods in the rule book, and the forthcoming Lunar Imperial Handbook should give you all the gameable stuff you need.

>Wyrm's Footprints

The odd bit of information thats useful. Much of it is more fun than directly useful though.

>Tarsh War

Nice stuff on Tarsh, Lunar warfare, etc. Quite useful if that is relevant.

>What I'm really unsure about:
>All of the fanstuff - Enclosure, Tales of Reaching Moon, TradeTalk,
>Ye Book of Tentacles, etc. They are seem neat, but I'm not able to
>get much information about them from

Actually this is probably the most useful stuff. Tales 18 and 19 are pretty much essential, covering Orlanthi tribes and the Upland Marsh. Certainly, they've quickly gained a place in my 'stuff I take to the game' bag. Tradetalk 4 has a useful initiation scenario, and 6 and 7 have Dragon Pass information. All worthwhile. Tentacles 1 and 2 both have useful stuff - I think 2 has the Curbrae tribe stuff, but I'm working from memory here. Three is mainly focused on Pavis, so may be less useful. Enclosure also has useful info on the Orlanthi - mainly in 2, if I remember right.

And according to rumours, make sure you have enough cash for the Orlanthi trilogy about to appear from Issaries...


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