Re: Werewolves Was: Zombies and Skeletons in exten ded contest

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 14:16:29 -0000

The DP Telmori swore alliegance to Sartar in return for his promise to help them break the curse (Him being a big Heroquestor). IIRC he gave them a new (uncursed) leader, whose name I forget (I suspect this was a "pure" telmori from elsewhere that Sartar had either met on his travels or on the Heroplane*, rather than a "cursed" Telmori that he had cured, since this would have opened a path that others would have (tried to) follow).

Depending on your view of how the curse is passed on down the generations, and whether Sartar bought more than one Telmori to DP, this might allow a small number of "Pure" Telmori to be living amongst their cursed kin. According to "Home of the Bold", Goram Whitefang, the Telmori Chieftan, and leader of Prince Termatain's Telmori Bodyguard was Cursed.

> One of my characters having a Telmori Follower (a willing hostage
> for her clan's good behaviour), I want to know if I need a nice
> comfortable set of shackles for her...

The Dragon Pass Telmori know they are cursed, and would be, I believe aware of hte problems this can cause when not in their own territory (The way the Goram Whitefang character sheet was written certainly suggested to me that he could sensibly remain "hidden" indoors on Wildday rather than roaming the streets of Boldhome looking for Sheep and/or young maidens), So I would expect a Hostage for the Clans good behaviour would be aware of the necessary precautions (Much like Oz in "Buffy"...) - Which doesn't necessarily mean, of course that those precautions will always be 100% successful.....

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