Re: Digest Number 374

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 10:15:29 -0000

> > A great troll in the WD scenario "Lair of the White Wyrm"
> > (correct name?) has an enchanted iron Greatsword. Having said
> > that, armour is somewhat different!
> Um, some of those early WD scenarios were... um... well... hardly
> cannonical, IIRC. But I could be wrong.

Definitely not canonical, I'd say. But I did have a thought in the bath last night - maybe there is a small herocult of Zorak Zoran that teaches Trolls a Heroquest that allows them to resist the poison effect of Iron. (In the same way that ZZ can already use Fire which is normally shunned by Trolls). I'd guess that this quest is very rare and very dangerous which is why we don't know more about it....

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