RE: March on D20

From: David Boatright <david.boatright_at_...>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 09:31:37 -0000

  1. K. Berner

Its this sort of blind optimism which will, or lets face it already has killed off this industry.

D&D in any of its myriad forms is mindless drivel, designed for the kind of moron who watches soap operas. One word 'levels' is all that is needed to confound this idea that this 'D20' system is suited for anything but the juvenile dungeons that it caters for. They can't even come up with an original name for the system, D20 system being the name of the last GDW system. But since they have already managed to kill that company off in their march for world domination am I sure that it will not worry them for too long.

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