Re: Fetch as victim of AP loss? (Was AP bids)

From: Erik <epweissengruber_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 20:10:55 -0000

We have been discussing a series of related questions, and trying to extrapolate rules from them

> > > >Can fetches be hurt like followers?
> > > >How might an opponent target the fetch, and not the shaman?
> > Can one Integrate other Shamens Fetches if one drives them to

But a recent comment has clarified the role of shamanism in Glorantha and the HW game:

> I would say no. Or perhaps No.
> A fetch is a part of the shaman. I'd suggest looking at the writeup
> Fetechs just to see what they really are?
> A great spirit might be able to strip a shaman of his fetch but...
I do
> not think that you can steal it and integrate it, sorry.

Jeff's response clears up the anthropological and canonical (Gregopological?) nature of shamanism. Your fetch isn't property or a tool you own -- it is a part of yourself that you have recovered or discovered. You may have fasted, taken drugs, journeyed to the Otherworld, but the fetch is an aspect of YOU, not a spirit you enslave.

Onto the RULES:
any extended conflict will have permanent repercussions. So if the shaman sufferes a major defeat, then you could penalize the fetch . Any use of Might or a specific ability attributed to the fetch would be at 50%

It seems that the rules (once again) are comprehensive enough to render into NARRATIVE terms a SIMULATION of Gloranthan reality.

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