Another Fetch question, while we're at it

From: Henrix <henrix_at_...>
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2000 02:18:35 +0100

What exactly is the might of a shamans fetch?

HW:RiG p. 208 states that "The fetch's might is always equal to the shaman's own best ability."
Is this the best of all his abilities or the best of his shamanic abilities?

The sample shaman, Kerreveth Steadburner, in the Deluxe box is not much help either, as his best ability is Tradition Knowledge at 12W but his fetch has a might of 18W.

Can a shaman then raise the fetch's might by spending HP? And why would he, if he can spend HP on his best ability and raise that as well as his fetch's might?


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