Re: Sundry rules questions for demo

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 13:08:01 -0800

> 1. Where is 'mastery special' described? It shows up
> in the results charts, but I'm not clear what exactly
> this is.

When two characters have the same number of masteries, the masteris cancel out. However if *both* characters roll then you treat it as if they both rolled successes. This helps cancel out what was called the "Drunken Master" - two guys of similar skill not being able to hit each other because their masteries had canceled out.

Example: Joe Heortling (Close combat 5w) is fighting Sam Lunar (CC 2w). Eliminating masteries we end up with 5 vs. 2. Without the Mastery special, they would swing wildly at each other for a long time before connecting, but with the rule, if *both* miss, then they both get bumped to success.

> 3. How 'fleshed out' can a follower be? Can he/she
> have affinities and feats?

They can have a keywords as one or both abilities - if it is a Magic keyword, they will have the appropriate magic. "Devotee of Humakt 15" will get all the Humakt affinities & feats, without having to list them individually.

> 4. How does battle training function? A Fronan has it
> at 16, Swadal at 18. What's the difference?

The horse can act as a Follower in combat - adding AP to the rider, blocking multple attacker & multiple attack pemnalties, etc. It won't be frightened by "normal" combat situations, meaning that the rider won't have to try to control his horse in the middle of combat (most horses would rather be *somewhere else* when people start swinging things). A 16 vs 18 will give 2 more AP, and a better chance of controlling the horse/make it do something like attack.


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