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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 16:25:03 -0000

Sorry. I just have flashbacks about the wording of that section. I'll shut up now =)

I just want to see the thing in print. But it supposedly looks VERY good.

I think that a feast of thanks should be conducted for those volunteers who are valiantly building the index...!  

> > The main difficulty is the power of the deity (or spirit/saint
> > /entity) being contacted -- the bigger it is, the better informed
> > your answer will be but the harder it will be to _get_ an answer
> > from.
> >
> That's OK. It means that any information that could have been found
> from an NPC's divination can still be got that way, and the GM can
> still give as much or as little information to PC's trying it as he
> feels won't destroy the plot....

Yes. Contacting a big source of information is probably going to be a long, powerful ritual conducted by a powerful worshipper -- it's based on your Devotee rating.  

> > But bascially, the only folks who seem to get such spirits now are
> Daimones, surely ;) - It does seem to make a difference in that all

Bad Jeff! Bad! No biscuit!

> the Daimones we have encountered so far are "living" creatures
> than disembodied spirits (so for instance, a Humakti could have a
> Daimon Raven Ally, but not a Daimon Ally in his sword)

Actually, daimoines can be _given_ a body. Clan and Warband Wyters are in the regalia. It becomes the body for that creature, who moves in when its invoked. As soon as the item is destroyed, it perishes (or is driven away so hard you have to start over).

I think that this is how an 'allied critter' would work. Awakening might be done as well -- but I'm not sure how it woudl be implemented in the HW rules structure.  

> and - on reflection, less like a daimon, for the reasons just given
> above...

And sound more like petty gods. =)  

> > just who 'wakes up' the terrain feature. But that's just my
> > opinion. If you're a theist and the hill 'over there' has a
> > in it -- we'd just put it down as being 'hostile' and do our best
> > to get rid of it.
> >
> I suspect you are right (Actually I may go even further, although
> necessarily supported by the rules. If I'm a theist then the hill
> "over there" probably has a Daimon or minor god in it, regardless of
> the origin. - It's when I try to deal with it as such I may hit the
> "Missaplied worship" type penalties)

Yes, though I'm still thinking you'd have trouble appeasing the meadow nymphs and the like -- but its possible they become earth goddess as the land is tamed. I really don't have an idea. Its implied as the land comes under plough and command of the Earth tribe, that they become more tracitible. But I could be talking out of my hat...  

> Yes, Thanks Jeff. If nothing else you've confirmed I'm not going
> completely at a tangent...

Glad to be of service,


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