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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 17:20:31 -0000

OK I'll have a drink for them tonight!

>>> But bascially, the only folks who seem to get such spirits now 
>> Daimones, surely ;) - It does seem to make a difference in that 

> Bad Jeff! Bad! No biscuit!
>> the Daimones we have encountered so far are "living" creatures 
>> rather than disembodied spirits (so for instance, a Humakti could 
>> have a Daimon Raven Ally, but not a Daimon Ally in his sword)

> Actually, daimoines can be _given_ a body. Clan and Warband Wyters
> are in the regalia. It becomes the body for that creature, who
> moves in when its invoked. As soon as the item is destroyed, it
> perishes (or is driven away so hard you have to start over).

Ahh, That makes quite a lot of sense, at least in terms of making things like those old "Cult Spirits" work under the new four Otherworlds model. It also solves another niggling question. If "POW-Storage Crystals" were created from the blood of Gods, how come they can be used for trapping Spirits? (Assuming, of course they still can). Now we can say that "Powered Crystals" are the blood of gods that retain some element of the God's powers and (typically) provide a feat appropriate to the God they originate from, while "POW Storage Crystals" have less of a connection, but can be used to provide a home for Wyters and other "Incorporal" Daimones, whose powers will have to be determined (or at least approved) by the GM.

Since these Crystals are (relatively) rare and have an element of power about them, it is possible that they are also suitable for use in Talisman and/or Fetish Creation by Sorcerors or Shaman (which probably destroys their Theisitic connection)

> I think that this is how an 'allied critter' would work. Awakening
> might be done as well -- but I'm not sure how it woudl be
> implemented in the HW rules structure.

To start with, it is enough to know that it might happen. We only need to worry about the rules for doing it when (a) the PC's are involved and (b) we want their to be a chance that it might or might not work...

> Yes, though I'm still thinking you'd have trouble appeasing the
> meadow nymphs and the like -- but its possible they become earth
> goddess as the land is tamed. I really don't have an idea. Its
> implied as the land comes under plough and command of the Earth
> tribe, that they become more tracitible. But I could be talking out
> of my hat...

Hmm, They might "become" earth goddesses - this implies a sort of "evolution" as the land becomes more civilised - Spirit -> Daimon -> Essence... I'm not sure where mysticism fits in with this though - possibly at the beginning and end as "Illusion" - making the whole thing cyclic?

Actually I think it is more likely they get driven off into the wilderness as the earth goddesses move in - or become subservient to them, as all they get is "Missaplied worship" - Unlike the Great Spirits, though, who get enough worship, albeit missapplied to provide benefits, the poor meadow-nymphs find the Earth Goddess and her court provide the benefits before they achieve a "critical mass" of missaplied worship.

An interesting philosophical point, but not one that will worry every campaign!

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