Re: A couple of conversion type questions

From: Charles Corrigan <glorantha_at_...>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 22:30:22 -0000

In my opinion there is little difference between the _powers_ of a spirit and those of a daimone (or between those of a great spirit and those of a god). The only real difference between them is in how they relate to their worshippers and lend their powers. After all, one of Orlanth's brothers is a Great Spirit (Kolat). Using this model, a crystal could come from the blood of either type and hence its powers are best accessed in a manner appropriate to its origin.

Additionally, all Orlanthi (i.e. all but 0.01% pedantic Lankor Mhy scholars) speak of spirits (daimones) and kolati (spirits). This brings further confusion to the subject.

Anyway, enough random wanderings, Happy New Year Charles

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