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Keith Nellist:

>Has anyone come up with any other Sorcerous Orders?

CARMANIA & THE LUNAR EMPIRE All Carmanian Viziers should be familiar with the revelations of Malakinus being the foundation of their sorcery.

Other Carmanian Order should be exotic as the Atroxic orders are with deeply disturbing elements - after all sorcery is known to be morally corrupting. Smithing is almost certainly handled by the Third Eye Blue cult. There probably is an order devoted to summoning demons (or Gods in their Dark Aspect). There also could be a sorcerous Atyar cult of loremasters whose practitioners can easily succumb to chaos.

There's undoubtedly an evil order dedicated to Fronalako the Devil Sorcerer. Probably call them Servants of the Lie.

There's the Blue Wizards of Pelanda. I speculated on their spells on the digest not so long ago.

LOSKALM: As well as the Abiding Book, the Loskalmi also have the Book of Siglat's Dream, the study of which is compulsory for wizards.

There is the order of Artificers that makes the Palaces of the Hrestoli Lords (Glorantha: Intro p71).

The Smiths will have a Low Order dedicated to crafting Armour in the Idealist (read Altinae) style. There's probably an attached High Order that makes the Iron (that Loskalmi somehow got despite the Ban) but I don't have any idea how this is done. Ideally it should be a dark, satanic mill and the process by which Iron is made should be morally disturbing at least.

A Low Order of Horse-breeders are responsible for the Swadal breed of horses.

 From a piccie in Gods of Glorantha with the legend of the Wizard summoning the Krjalki that infests the borders of the Ban, I created the Order of Banquishers, dedicated to capturing evil spirits. Any spirit caught was thoroughly questioned and the relevant knowledge written down in their "Book of Dead Names" (what Lovecraft intended the Necronomicon to mean but fucked up on his Greek). Only one spirit escaped their

The Banishers tried to curse the Kingdom of War and failed in extremely murky (not to mention politically sensitive) circumstances that killed most of their wizards. Currently the order is shut down pending an inquiry into its orthodoxy.

Plot Hook: since the Loskalmi have no wizards of sound mind in custody, when a PC becomes eligible for wizardry, political enemies conspire so that he joins the order of Banquishers, thus creating a sane wizard to conduct the inquiry upon. Not only does the PC have to learn the Orders secrets from barking mad wizards in an asylum, but he has to watch his step so that the inquiry doesn't recommend he be burned at the stake...

There also could be a Watchdog Order (after the Sog City conference) that guards Loskalm's Ideal.

JANUBE: There's the Minderkind Sages of Riverjoin, that is the Arrolian School. The Eastpointers probably study Makabaeus while Southbank is a philosophical battleground between the Orders under the benevolent eye of the Golden Tyrant. Galastar probably has several circles of wizards from other orders.

Zoria almost certainly has an Order devoted to Love.

The Kingdom of War should have a couple of sorcerous orders in a support role. One probably taps life and transmutes it into items and resources that the Kingdom of War can't provide from its own slaves or through plunder. Another is probably dedicated to intelligence gathering (through farsight and torture of prisoners) - perhaps they are sorcerous Atyari. A third order might inflict curses and calamities against populations the Kingdom is at war with.

QUINPOLIC LEAGUE: There has to be an order of confessers/purifiers that can cleanse you almost any activity (gambling, adultery, caste-crime) for a steep fee.

SAFELSTER: The Galvosti and the Borists are the only orders that I can think of. Most of the spiritual exploration is undertaken by Arkati orders IMO.

SOG CITY: I've already posted my rough thoughts of Sog City colleges (Astrology, Alchemy, Comparative Theology, Healing Arts, Jurisprudence, Nautical studies and Necromancy) in a previous post.

TANISOR: The Inquisition (didn't expect that, didya?).

The Iron Blood Order that exists to provide support to the Knights of Tanisor p192 HW:RiG. It has two grimoires: the Book of Conflict and the Mysteries of Health.

Tanisoran Orders should be based on medieval catholic orders if that helps.

>Order of Alhidar:
> Liber Carmanios
> Alhidars Grimoire of the Wind and Elements

Where's this from? I recognize the Liber Carmanios but not Alhidar...

--Peter Metcalfe

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