Re: Questions from our first session

From: bryan neff <nagilfar_at_...>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 13:30:52 -0800 (PST)

BRyan wrote:
> >1) Initiate vs Devotee--If I am an Initiate of
> Humakt.
> >do I have access to ALL feats listed under the
> >affinities? And, these are with a -3 improve
> penelty?

> Wulf Replied:

> No, you have only the Affinities, which cannot be
> used as they are,
> you must Improvise from them. In my opinion,
> Improvising a listed feat
> is at the standard penalty. However, I am told that
> Greg's original
> idea was that you do not Improvise a Feat at all,
> just an effect.
> Thus, using a Movement Affinity, you just call
> "Orlanth, aid me! Take
> me to the top of that tower!", and roll the Affinity
> with penalty as
> decided by the Narrator. Exactly HOW you get to the
> top of the tower
> is up to Orlanth/the Narrator, so long as it's
> within the scope of the
> Affinity. Mind you, Greg also thinks the standard
> Improvisation
> Penalty should be -10!

Bryan queries:

So as an Initiate of Humakt I would have Death, Combat and Honor affinities. After each affinitiy my character sheet would be blank and then during the game I would have to improvise specific feat/effect THAT IS LISTED UNDER THE CULT DESCRIPTION? I thought I had at least the standard feats and just had to cast them with a penelty.

So,as an initiate I can NOT improvise a new feat of my own creation from an infinity? Say 'throw melee weapon' nder Humakt's Combat affinity?

> >If during the game I thought of a new feat, could I
> >use it with a greater penelty? If so, what?
> The rules say the standard penalty applies unless
> the Narrator says
> otherwise. So it's -3 or greater, at the Narrator's
> discretion. Using
> the above rule, of course, you don't get to choose a
> feat...

What do you mean no choice?



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