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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001 22:48:44 -0000

Yes. An Initiate can (attempt to) improvise any feat from his affinities. Those listed in the cult write-up will only attract the standard improv penalty (although be aware that some additionally have a dificulty as well - Enchant Iron for instance)

> If during the game I thought of a new feat, could I
> use it with a greater penelty? If so, what?

Yes, The penalty would be up to the GM. If they thought it was a suitable feat for your deity then it may not be any greater than the standard penalty. If they thought it was fairly unlikely they would give a greater penalty. There isn't really any hard and fast rule on this, If you are the GM, go with whatever seems right to you...

> Would I have to use one HP to keep the feat at the
> sessions end?

Since Initiates never "keep feats" the answer is no, but I suspect what you are asking is "If I can Improvise a listed feat at -3, and my new feat at -6, can I spend a HP to increase my chance with the new feat" Which is an interesting question....

The rules don't allow for it specifically, but it does seem like the sort of thing you might want to do - Providing you don't allow anyone to improve feats above the standard improvisation penalty, I don't think there is anything necessarily inherantly wrong with it.

My rulebook isn't to hand at the moment, but I think it is also possible for a character to learn a specific feat from a deity (which is how Hero-Cults tend to work) The Cost is more than 1HP (I think) but you might be able to use something like that

> How is are the above questions answered if I were a
> devotee instead?

Devotees get the listed feats at no penalty, and can improvise new feats, again at a penalty determined by the GM. They can cement this new feat at the end of the session, allowing them to use it without penalty in future.

> 2) If each player gets one HP at the beginning of a
> session, can it be used or saved?

It can definitely be saved! I suppose it could be spent, particularly if you were just 1HP short at the end of the last game to buy that increase/new skill etc that you were after. That would leave you with no HP "in reserve" should you fumble just when your opponent criticals, mind you, so it's not something I'd necessarily recommend. In fact I'm tempted to agree with Jeff and say that once the "Current sessions" HP is handed out it is "too late" to continue to spend them, (always subject to the GM's approval of course - If she starts the new session by saying "It has been a long hot summer" and you say "In that case can I spend some of my HP to give me 'All Over Sun Tan 12' as a new ability" then it's probably OK...

> If used prior to
> play, would it automatically be considered
> unrelated--say if I tried to aquire a new feat.

 It would pretty much have to be, unless you were still doing your improvements from "last time"

> I can always use that HP during the game to aquire a
> skill.feat/spell etc. Right?

As Jeff and Wulf have both said, I don't think you normally add these during the game, unless there are special circumstances - although I can see why a Devotee improvising a new feat that is particularly useful in the current situation might want to cement it immediately.

If you have used the "make it up as you go along" method of character generation, of course then the idea of adding skills as they become necessary may not seem so strange.

> 3) I am a warrior with a Spear and Shield fighting at
> 10w. I then augment my spear with a feat for a +5
> edge. I then use a feat to give my shield a +5 edge.
> Is my ability then 10w^10 for BOTH attacks and
> defenses, or is 10^5 for either? How does the weapon
> rank fit in? If it is 4--then is my attack 10w^14 and
> defense 10w^10? If my armor is rank^2?

Again ignoring the question of +5, I would say you have Close Combat (Spear + Shield) 10w - Attack ^9, Defence ^7

> If I augment my spear and shield with a physical
> skill, such as STRONG, would the bonus be an edge or
> amodification of the TN.

You can do either, depending on the skill used, and how you describe it. An Edge is equivalent to a + to damage, & a TN mod is equivalent to a + to hit in a more "traditional" game.

> If used as an edge, then
> would that simply be added to any weapon edge for the
> length of the encounter?

Yes. Note that an Edge is "Easier" to get (you get a +2 edge for every 5 points of resistance, compared to a +1 TN mod) to balance out the fact that it only applies when you hit, and that a bonus to the skill also increases your AP's in an extended contest

> What about TOUGH? Could that
> be used to augment armor?

Yes I suppose, though I'm having difficulty working out exactly how that would work, since technically you augment a skill not a piece of equipment.

You could also use "Tough" directly to resist the opponents attack, (and this would still allow you to use your existing defensive edge for your Armour and shield)

"The Trollkin rushes towards you swinging its club with both hands" "Ha, It's a puny little thing, and I'm Tough. I'll shrug of it's puny attack and introduce it to the business end of my sword...."

> Can I use both or only one
> for that encounter?

The rule is only one Mundane Augment per ability, so you could augment with "Strong" or "Tough" but not both in the same fight. You can use multiple Feats, of course, providinbg you have time...

> 4) We had trouble with SWIFT skill. Obviously that
> helps with running. But, One player wanted to use it
> to augment their fighting abilitywith an imnprove
> penelty. Would that be a fair use of the skill?

I have nothing useful to add to what Jeff and Wulf have already said here...

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