Re: Questions from our first session

From: bryan neff <nagilfar_at_...>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 19:28:10 -0800 (PST)

> Eh? You can only create new feats by Improvising
> them, then Cementing
> after play. They cannot 'learn' new feats, as they
> must Improvise
> every use of magic from the same Affinity Rating.
> Your rule is the
> reverse of the standard rules. If you prefer to
> create your own house
> rules, great, we all do. But if you intend to allow
> Initiates to use
> their Affinity TN with no penalty for the feats
> listed in the rules,
> it makes Devotee status pretty pointless...

My words were typed in haste. Let me try to clarify. I assumed that a feat listed in the book was pretty much a standard--that all initiates learned. What I meant by learn new feat, was to join another subcult or learn another part of their Gods myth from a priest. I would not allow them to improvise new ones other than the standard ones that they imrpovise. Perhaps I am ununclear about an affinity. Perhaps I relate them too closely to rune spells?

> >A devotee would be able to use standard without
> penely
> >and improvise new ones guring a game with a
> penelty.
> >If they cement them with a HP, then it can be casr
> >without a penely.
> That's the standard rules. But none of our players
> have had any need
> to create a new feat (I did, as Narrator, as the
> result of a Divine
> Intervention roll - "I'm a bit busy to help in
> person, but try
> this..."), the given ones cover pretty much
> everything, so I'd say it
> was a very minor change from Initiate status, where
> they can't cement
> new feats (or old ones).

I am actually trying to limit initiates to a set slection of myths they are taught. Devotees could freely improvise beyond the feats listed in the cult write-up.

> >A runelord, or a worshiper who has a a presence on
> the
> >inner world, a stronger connection, could improvise
> >new feats without penelty, but still have to cement
> >them.
> I've no idea what you intend by this, there are no
> Runelords as yet in
> HW, although I think there is something akin in
> Thunder Rebels.

Actually Wulf, read the FAQ and you will see that there is mention to a runelors equivalent that his beyond the level of a devotee. Please check it out before commenting.

> Wulf

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