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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2001 15:51:08 -0000

I think that speculation would be moot on this matter -- waiting till Thunder Rebels will probably help a lot. Subcults and how they interact with aspects is much better defined -- as per Roderick's posting yesterday.  

> >One of my player's PC is a God-talker of Vanganth. Time hasn't
been an
> >issue yet, so I'd just
> >assumed that for a devotee the time would still be 60%. With only
> >affinity to raise, the offset
> >for this heavy time requirement was access to the secret a lot
> >than for a multi-affinity
> >cult.
> Sounds sensible. I'm generous and would allow god-talking duties to
> as part of the devotion time.

As do I. I think one's profession is that '30%' add on. Its hard to be a devotee of Barntar without being a farmer, afterall.  

> >What is the initiate/devotee time requirement for membership solely
in a
> >subcult? Is it 10%/40%
> >(devotion taking 30% greater time than initiation), 30%/60% or just
> >for either level - which can
> >be implied from p181 of HW:RiG?
> I consider three levels:

Things will be changing...  

> Worship subcult for magic only (no extra time: max one feat)*

This works for hero-cults which usually only provide a single feat or affinity (at best!) and are 'stand alone' operations which may require their own Mythology ability.

> Worship subcult as subcult (10% time: max one affinity)**

Most subcults fall into a category similar to this and are associated with a greater deity and their mythology falls into the greater god's as does the Initiation/Devotion ability. See Roderick's posting on this.

> Worship as main cult (30% as initiate: no restriction )
> * Sort of like the old associate cult status (initiates have improv

Actually, no. In the case of most hero-cults have a single feat that they can learn independantly and it starts at 12... (Hidden Gale is an example of this sort of cult)

> ** 10% whether initiate or devotee of main god - but devotees can
learn feats

Yep. But there will be more on devotees, feats and subcults in Thunder Rebels.  

> Thom

This probably doesn't help, I know.


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