RE: Re: Passion spirits & automatic augmentation

From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 12:50:23 -0000

> We don't do 'automatic' augments, but use a simple ability roll,
> success gives Ability/10 levels of augment (1 level = +1 bonus or +2
> Edge). You only Crit on a 1 (even if the ability is over 20), and
> always fumble on a 20. Crits double the augment, fumbles (and only
> fumbles) give a penalty. Essentially, using the Passion Spirit rules
> (well, one version of them, according to your first point...).
My slight variation to the above is that you gain 1 level for every unused mastery you have. So if you have 10W1 skill and you rollover 1 but under 11 then you get an extra level. If you roll a 1 the augment doubles you don't add one first.


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